Interactive Maps

The City of Fresno provides access to view and query City maps. The City's Geographic Information System (GIS) Group in ISD utilizes ESRI's ArcGIS Server technology to provide this site. This technology provides the most current maps and data available.

For questions and suggestions please contact Bryce Hubbell, Information Systems Manager - GIS Division , 559-621-7181 or

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City of FRESNO GIS  
Most of the City of Fresno, GIS Layers are showcased in this map for use by the general public. There are tools available to search by Address, Parcel ID, Parks and Schools. There are also many useful tools to use to interact with the map for discovery of where things are located in and around the City. Aerial Photography for 1999, 2002, 2005 and 2008 are also available.

City Council  
The City Council Map shows single-member district boundaries and provides the ability to locate addresses within each district.

Zip Codes
This map currently allows viewing of City zipcode locations.   

Downtown and Community Revitalization Department  
Incentive Zone Address Locator.   

Address List by Tract ID
Recent Tract and Parcel Map Addresses and Maps are available.

Downloadable Layers
Download City of Fresno - GIS, zipped ESRI Shape Files (Requires an ESRI Compatible Shape File Viewer).

Zoning - Current And Past Zoning
Research current zoning vs the prior zoning ordinance.

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